Tuesday, May 29, 2012

104 Steps

"There is something unnatural about walking. Especially walking uphill, which always seems to me not only unnatural but so unnecessary."  Ed Abbey

I drove down to the hospital on Memorial Day, getting passed along the way by pick up trucks towing monster recreational boats (gotta hurry up to the lake so we can slow down!)---to earn my RNey keep.

This morning I was awake to confront "THE STEPS". 104 of them---or sometimes when I try to count them, 105 of the creepy things. I was doing penance for the Mac And Cheese buffet that we had for the patients yesterday. We are never going to be able to suffer through this here upcoming hike on a diet of plate loads of gooey Mac and Cheese. One coworker quipped to me I should: "Just take an extra Simvastatin".

I took some Mac and Cheese back to my room last night for that midnight feast. Bad.

I spent a half hour admiring these steps this morning. I will push myself away from the extra Mac and Cheese I put in the fridge of the place I stay. Let it tempt another nurse.

Ran across this article on the benefits of walking in the woods today.


  1. Once hiked straight up the Grouse Grind in Vancouver, British Columbia -- on Carri and mine honeymoon. It's 2800 feet of elevation gain in 1.8 miles. Thought I was going to have a heart attack (several times).

    My damn wife just bounced up it like a feather -- only turning around to make certain I wasn't having a heart attack.

    Enjoy the stairs!

  2. Larry, I'm sore this morning from the stairs. The lucky thing is that the PCT was designed to also be a horse trail. Hence the grade is never too steep and the climbs, really, aren't all that horrible.

    Best not to have a heart attack on the trail though...